Peaky Blinders, Season Four Overview

Peaky Blinders is back and with a vendetta against them.  Revolution, family, and vengeance is the order of the day.

The season is all about family.  Whether it’s the family business, which seems to be going well, family vendettas, which never ends well, or loosing family, family ties are tried and seemingly broken throughout the season as the vendetta against the New York Mafia, specifically Luca Changretta (Academy Award Winner Adrien Brody) against Arthur (played by Paul Anderson) for killing Luca’s father in a mercy killing a few seasons ago. … More “Peaky Blinders, Season Four Overview”

Free Fire (2017)

Remember that gritty shootout from that seventies crime drama you loved so much? Now imagine that sequence stretched out over a whole movie. If that scenario appeals to you, then Free Fire is your dream come true!… More “Free Fire (2017)”