Unsane (2018 Film)

There was one movie in 2018 that was really under the radar. Let me just say that once you seen this film you’ll literally go insane.… More

The Crown (S02E05) Marionettes

In this episode, we see a side of the Monarchy that we haven’t explored much to date.  Monarchists that love the Crown, and Queen Elizabeth, but don’t approve of her mannerisms, antiquated traditions, and standoffishness.  We’re introduced to Lord Altrincham (played by John Heffernan) an editor who tries to “save” the monarchy by throwing it into constitutional crisis by becoming “The Queen’s Critic.”

It all begins when the Queen gives a speech at the new Jaguar car factory for the workers.  The Queen’s private secretary, Martin Charteris, questions the tone of the speech, feeling it’s too old fashioned given the “new Briton” they’re living in.  He felt it a little patronizing, in other words.  The Queen’s previous private secretary and friend, Tommy Lascelles, quickly schools him that he’s worrying unnecessarily, because, as he states, “The newspapers would warn us, and we would in turn threaten to boycott them from the next Royal event, because the people whom you worry about needlessly, buy their newspapers in the millions.”  Martin puts his worry aside, and the rest is history.… More

The Crown (S02E04) “Beryl”

This episode we delve deep into Margaret’s (played by Vanessa Kirby) life, and see how she’s been doing since her affair with Peter ended last season.  She seems to be a woman divided, one foot firmly in the past with The Family, and the other in the modern age, a thoroughly modern 20th century woman of the ages.  She hates being a royal and all it represents, but loves the perks that come with it.… More

The Crown (S02E03) “Lisbon”

The Netflix Orginial drama continues as Queen Elizabeth (Claire Foy) and Prince Phillip (Matt Smith) finally reconnect after five months of rumors and scandals swirl through London and the palace about Phillip’s actions during the tour.… More

The Crown (S02E01) “Misadventure”

Netflix’s award winning drama surrounding the English Royal family is back for season two of The Crown.  The first episode brings us 10 years into the future with Prince Phillip (played by Matt Smith) and Queen Elizabeth(played by multiple award winning actress Claire Foy) settled into a routine.  Phillip is embarking on a 5 month royal tour of Britain’s realms, and Elizabeth is home making sure business runs as usual.  Phillip’s right hand man, Michael Paker (played by Will Keen) is experiencing problems at home which don’t seem significant to us yet but come back in a big way during the Royal Tour.… More