Outlander (S05E03) “Free Will”

While Jamie leaves Roger to continue to muster men for the militia, Jamie and Claire travel to a homestead to obtain papers essential to Josiah. Jamie and Claire are quite surprised at what they find at the homestead.

Outlander (S05E02) “Between Two Fires”

Tension built up between Roger’s desire to return to the 1960s, where he feels he can be more useful, and Bree’s desire to have all her loved ones in one spot. Bree feels more at home, and less afraid in the 1700s, even knowing that the Revolutionary War is coming. Ironically, Bree worries more about changing events than Claire does, because Claire recognizes that time seems to be malleable, and has already been changed. Claire is fighting against sexism, and ignorance to try to improve people’s lives. Murtagh and Jamie both are passionate about the people they are trying to protect, and it may come to them fighting each other. The show does an excellent job of demonstrating people seeing the other side of very challenging circumstances. Bonnet is simply a psychopath!

Outlander (S05E01) “The Fiery Cross”

The beginning of Season 5 opens with the wedding of Bree and Roger. The wedding brings together old friends and relatives. Governor Tryon demands that Jamie capture Murtagh. Jocasta and Murtagh make a difficult decision. Jocasta enrages Roger, and Jamie releases Murtagh from his long-held vow.