Veep (S07E05) “Super Tuesday”

“Super Tuesday” is super, you know. Again, while it seems like Veep may be setting Selina up for a fall, she’s surprisingly been able to defy the odds and expectations stacked against her.… More

Lodge 49 (S01E06) “The Mysteries”

Larry imparts the wisdom of the Lodge to his pal Ernie before going on a journey. Dud stumbles on to something special at his security job at Orbis and Liz has a breakthrough, literally.


Lodge 49 (S01E05) “Paradise”

Dud’s new relationship with his boss Gloria nears the end while Liz struggles to figure out her path in life. Ernie is ready to ascend to Sovereign Protector status in the lodge and Blaise has an epiphany of sorts.


Lodge 49 (S01E04) “Sunday”

When Ernie Fontaine asks the question, “What is the use of living forever if you are all alone on a Sunday?” Truer words were never spoken.