DC Comics: Harleen

geI I only have one thing to say to Harley Quinn fans; read this comic. Seriously, read it! For the love of Harley Quinn, read it and you will thank me for it later! For now, let’s get to this review!… More “DC Comics: Harleen”

DC Comics: Batman Damned

Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to another great comic book review. This story if you haven’t read it yet all I can say is you should. The comic story I am reviewing today is Batman Damned, so let’s get to this review!… More “DC Comics: Batman Damned”

DC Comics: Batman (Issue 50)

Alright comic readers, we got a great issue here for all of you! As I promised to my readers I would review this issue because it’s a serious deal! More of a serious deal than those royal family peoples getting married; Batman gets married, yes you heard it right, Batman the one hero/vigilante that we all thought would never get married and just be bruting in his bat cave for all eternity, finally gets married to Catwoman.… More “DC Comics: Batman (Issue 50)”

DC Comics: DC Nation (Issue 0)

Alright everyone, I have another comic book title to give to all of you for a great review! So lets get to the review!

Okay in this comic issue from Free Comic Book Day we have three comic stories that intertwine with each other to help readers get closer to know who all is coming to Batman and Catwoman’s wedding!… More “DC Comics: DC Nation (Issue 0)”

Supergirl S3 Promo

Here’s the promo for the upcoming season of Supergirl that’s less than a month away!

The new season begins Monday, October 9th at 8/7c on The CW.

Wonder Woman (2017)

Hey guys and ladies and people of all ages today I’m reviewing a film that I feel was a true treat for me to see in theaters and in 3D. That film is Wonder Woman, and I’m so thrilled that I was able to see this film on opening weekend.… More “Wonder Woman (2017)”

Powerless (S01E08) “Green Furious”

When Emily goes to her first board meeting, she speaks out about her product that’s about to get the ax and gets the latest superhero to sponsor it.

In “Green Furious” Emily gets invited to her first board meeting, but when she speaks up about her product that’s about to get the ax, she tells them that she can get Green Fury to sponsor the product.… More “Powerless (S01E08) “Green Furious””

Powerless (S01E05) “Cold Season”

When Emily sees Teddy’s new invention, she tries to motivate him by entering him in the company’s contest. But motivation isn’t what she got out of him.

When Emily sees that Teddy has a new invention to help during the cold season (a season of when ice power super villains come around and freeze everything), she thinks that it would be a great invention to enter into the Wayne Innovation contest.… More “Powerless (S01E05) “Cold Season””