Wynonna Earp (S03E09) “Undo It”

Wynonna battles Bulshar in a nightmare world that tests her emotionally and physically. Dani Kind a.k.a. Mercedes returns to Purgatory for money to fix her damaged face. WayHaught search for ways to remove Bulshar's ring from Wavelry's finger before she accidentally hurts someone--or worse, herself.

Sleepy Hollow (S04E08) “Sick Burn”

This episode brought forth a new storyline of far future Dreyfuss and future Crane, who appears to be worse for wear. It would seem that it's not useless for Molly to see this future, meaning she must be able to alter it. It was interesting to get the background on the Jennings' team, and to see the care that every one of the current team shares for each other. I continue to appreciate that Agent Thomas trusts Crane and, more importantly, trusts Molly with Jenny. Alex and Jake very firmly bonded this episode. The question is - will it remain strongly platonic? I think they see themselves more as "brothers in arms" than "lovers in arms." Interestingly, Molly has seen this corporate future, and so has Dreyfuss, and Jenny has shared this with Diana, but it doesn't appear anyone has told Crane! I'm guessing this will come back to haunt them.