Wynonna Earp (S03E12) “War Paint”

Wynonna Earp battle Bulshar to halt his plans to enter the Garden and finally break the Earp Curse. Unfortunately, there are severe costs for Wynonna in order to win as the Season 3 finale leaves us with a ton of new questions and the fate of multiple characters hanging in the air.

Wynonna Earp (S03E11) “Daddy Lessons”

Wynonna Earp attempts to reason with her enemies in order to survive the impending apocalyptic doom without losing her sister. Waverly finally meets her dad in a wild twist. The rest of the gang search for solutions and prepare for the worst.

Wynonna Earp (S03E10) “The Other Woman”

Wynonna Earp gets a mysterious visitor, who may have a secret weapon to defeat Bulshar but at a devastating cost. Nicole, Doc, and Jeremy search the home of the Fire Witch for Father Juan Carlo's journal to gain info on Bulshar's plan.

Wynonna Earp (S03E08) “Waiting Forever for You”

It's date night in Purgatory! Waverly throws a BGD (Big Gay Dinner) and Wynonna's date turns to Vamp Stake Night when she confronts Kate, who tells the story of her and Doc's relationship. Meanwhile, an old enemy returns.

Sleepy Hollow (S04E10) “Insatiable”

There were some delicious hat tips to various pop culture this week. Although I found Diana's focus on Dreyfuss right on the edge of abrasive, this gets handled in this episode. A feature of the episode was showing that the team was not very successful working individually, but far more successful when they worked as a team. This episode, as has been the case all season, has excellent special effects. I loved the glowing characters on the cube and the creatures who were infected by the hunger demon. While I liked the emphasis on the importance of teamwork, I thought it was a little heavy-handed and Janina Gavankar strayed very close to unpleasantly abrasive. I also did NOT like Jake making fun of Alex at the party. If anyone should be sensitive to someone making fun of other people, I think it should be him - and the writers should be aware of this. I'm surprised at how protective I feel about Alex - she was not my favorite character to be introduced this season. I thought the Donner Party tie-in was clever. I liked Jenny's interaction with both Crane and with Donnie. Tom Mison, as always, sparkles in his interactions with other actors. He also conveyed very clearly his wistfulness and loneliness. I like the quiet competence that Jenny always shows. It'll be interesting to see what Dreyfuss has in mind to capture War, and thus have the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

The 100: (S03E12) ‘Demons’

This episode will deal with the demons of Clarke’s past. Well specifically, the unrelenting Emerson. I swear this guy will not die.. Until this episode of course.

Even though I’m glad this finally happened and that annoyance is put to rest, I was a bit disappointed that this episode had nothing to do with the task at hand – stopping Ally.… More “The 100: (S03E12) ‘Demons’”