Sleepy Hollow (S04E13) “Freedom”

Season 4 was never guaranteed, but boy, has it ever been satisfying. There was a lot of fear in the viewing audience when Abbie was killed at the end of Season 3. Fear, and anger. Personally, I was shocked that they decided to eliminate her character, but I have felt this entire season that this was not a matter of dislike of character, OR actress. It has felt with the entire storyline as if they wanted to take the show in a different direction than Season 2 or 3 allowed with the complement of existing characters. I have been very satisfied with the season. The story arc has been interesting, Tom Mison has had free rein to be playful, somber and show off his stage talents within the TV show - quite clever of the writers. Much of the whimsy AND horror of the first season returned with this season. Every single new character was useful. As you'll see from my recap, this episode really allowed for a lot of closure. So, while I would be sad and disappointed if it was not renewed, at least I don't have the awful unresolved cliff-hanger feeling. This episode, in particular, was sweetly satisfying. Young Molly is released, Diana commits to the business, Jenny appears to be staying, Jake and Alex have realized they love each other, older Molly (Lara) is the Witness and gets along well with Crane, Dreyfuss has been called to the Devil and Jobe is a "free agent." War isn't gone, but does seem to have declared a temporary truce. We got to see Hell and the Devil (who was both charming AND scary/menacing!). The team is now officially working directly for the President. This season was tightly and enjoyably written. It managed to be light-hearted, serious, funny and scary - difficult attributes to evenly achieve. The special effects were very well done and they returned to filming techniques that Len Wiseman originally introduced the first season. Most importantly for me, the cast seemed to genuinely enjoy working together and that quality makes scenes more believable and invests the audience to a greater degree than just a good story. I sincerely hope that Fox grants one more season, because the writers and the show team appear to still have room, and they had the chops to go a completely different direction this year and still hearken back to what made season 1 so special.