Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Okay guys and gals, we have a wonderful film that we are reviewing for all of you today and it really is wonderful! Not only did we get a sequel to one of the successful animation movies back in 2012, but we also got some actresses back to play the roles they played in their younger years for Disney animation films; it truly was a treat to be able to watch this film in all of it’s awe and be able to review it for all of you today is a privilege that I hope I do good on!… More “Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)”

Siren (S01E04) "On The Road"

In the beginning of this episode we see Ryn’s sister going through a lot of distress because of the DNA extractions that have been taken place since she was captured. Although she seemed to be in a lot of pain, she is able to build up enough strength to cause a lot of commotion throughout the facility in which alarms had gone off and woke up Chris.… More “Siren (S01E04) "On The Road"”

Doctor Strange

Many film fans roll their eyes when yet another comic hero origin film comes around. It’s a well worn formula that often becomes repetitive. The hero goes through some sort of tragedy, they recover and triumph over a great evil.… More “Doctor Strange”