Van Helsing(S04E01) “Dark Destiny”

Welcome back ladies and gentleman we have made it! The Season 4 Premiere happened tonight and it was an amazing episode, the story has already opened to a really good start, I have a feeling every episode is going to be better than the last just like it’s been for all the seasons.… More

The Punisher (S02E01) “Roadhouse Blues”

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, we are brought back to the world of The Punisher. I’m so happy that the second season has been brought to us and I can’t wait to to see how this season goes.… More

Legends of Tomorrow (S04E01) “The Virgin Gary”

Welcome Back my readers for Legends of Tomorrow, I’m so happy to have this series back; I know we all have missed this series but we all are even more happier to have John Constantine (Matt Ryan) back on our televisions and joining in on the Legends shenanigans!… More

Supergirl(S04E01) “American Alien”

Okay guys and gals we are back with Supergirl, and the first episode had a lot to talk to discuss about and I like it, it’s good that they brought in some new faces that I think will be good for this world of Supergirl too.… More

Black Lightning(S02E01) “The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies”

Alright Guys and Gals, first off, welcome back after what seemed like eternity of a wait for our next season to premiere but it finally happened and it seems like a lot of things are gonna be changing, relationships will be changing, Jennifer (China McClain) will be changing, but I’ll get to that in a little bit, a lot of things are changing wither its better or worse we will have to wait and see!… More

The Flash(S05E01) “Nora”

Welcome Back my friends and readers for the Season Premiere of a fantastic season of The Flash,  and we have a special futuristic guest which is awesome but will she stay?… More