NOS4A2 (S01E03) “The Gas Mask Man”

Alright guys and gals this episode brought us a lot of clarity on a character and we have a lot more to talk about so let’s hop into this review!

So in this episode we see Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto) putting Bing (Olafur Olafsson) to work by trying to find out more about the user of The Shorter Way Bridge and as Charlie stays with Bing, he gets older no longer looking so young.… More “NOS4A2 (S01E03) “The Gas Mask Man””

Arrow (S07E03) “Crossing Lines”

Okay guys so we had another great episode that was brought to us tonight and we have a bit to talk about too especially on what a certain someone did in this episode. So lets get to the review!

Okay so in this episode Oliver (Stephen Amell) tried getting his answers as payment to getting rid of that guard in the last episode but things didn’t go well, Brick (Vinnie Jones) refused to give Oliver the information that he needed.… More “Arrow (S07E03) “Crossing Lines””