Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E01) “Honeymoon” Season Premiere

NUP 184107 0226 595 Spoiler%2BTV%2BTransparent - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E01) "Honeymoon" Season Premiere

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back and the season premiere doesn’t miss a beat! Here’s a recap!

Picking up right where we left in season 5 finale; Holt is about to make his good news announcement until he realizes that he was not going to get the commissioner spot.… More

Victoria Season 3 Trailer


victoria s3 teaser 3200x1800 1920x1080 - Victoria Season 3 Trailer

We’re just a few days away till the season three premiere of Victoria on Masterpiece. If you haven’t seen it, it’s one of the best shows since Downton Abby.… More

Arrow (S07E01) “Inmate 4587”

Welcome Back my readers for a season opener and boy was it a really good season opener this time around. I’m here to review today Season 7 Episode 1 of Arrow and we got a lot to discuss and some theories that I would love to throw out there too about the season!… More

Superstore (S04E01) “Back to School” Season Premiere

NUP 183937 0001 FULL 300x169 - Superstore (S04E01) "Back to School" Season Premiere

After a shocking moment in last season’s finale,  Amy wants to answer everyone’s questions once and for all.

As the store opens for “Back to School” sales, Amy and Jonah deal with the fact that they had sex in front of the world.… More