Supergirl (S04E21) “Red Dawn”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us, and it was really good! Are they beginning the dark arc for Brainiac-5/Brainy where it leads to his demise? The Public Enemies story arc is coming to a close; Will they lead to another story arc that may lead down to an even greater foe for the next season?… More “Supergirl (S04E21) “Red Dawn””

Chicago PD (S05E21) "Allegiance"

With Al arrested, does Voight have one more card up his sleeve to help his old partner?

Just like the previous episode, “Allegiance” puts Voight in between situations one being the case of the week of a undercover gun take down and Al getting arrested that puts much stress to his ability.… More “Chicago PD (S05E21) "Allegiance"”