Fresh Off The Boat (S05E03) “Workin the ‘Ween”

It’s another Halloween episode, will Fresh Off the Boat top it off this season? Here’s a recap!

“Workin the ‘Ween” is basically what the episode stands for, the Huangs working on Halloween one way or another.  Louis was hoping for him and Jessica to go out on Halloween but instead she accepted Honey and Marvin’s request to babysit their daughter, Maria.… More

Superstore (S04E03) “Toxic Workplace”

It becomes a question whether Cloud 9 is a toxic workplace plus someone decides to transfer. Here’s a recap.

When Amy and Jonah try to keep relationship hidden from their co-workers, Kelly has informed Glenn that she wants to transfer to another store.… More

This Is Us (S03E03) “Katie Girls”

Life decisions are made in this episode of This Is Us.

“Katie Girls” is an excellent episode where it dives into life changing decisions and facing the fears of those decisions.… More

Chicago PD (S06E03) “Bad Boys” Preview

Here’s a preview of Wednesday’s episode of Chicago PD titled, “Bad Boys.”

“Bad Boys”

Politics get in the way as the Intelligence team tries to rescue a teenage girl that’s kidnapped by a robbery crew.… More

Chicago Med (S04E03) “Heavy Is The Head” Preview

NUP 184175 0492 595 Spoiler TV Transparent 300x200 - Chicago Med (S04E03) "Heavy Is The Head" Preview

Here’s a preview of this week’s new episode of Chicago Med titled, “Heavy is The Head.”

“Heavy is The Head”

When a sick boy is brought in, Ethan is faced with a tough decision that quickly escalates into a complicated and dangerous situation.… More

The Good Place (S03E03) “The Brainy Bunch”

NUP 182790 0394 FULL 300x200 - The Good Place (S03E03) "The Brainy Bunch"

With Trevor on Earth with Eleanor and the gang, will Michael stop him from interfering with them?

With Michael learning that Trevor is down on Earth, he and Janet make the trip down there to stop him.… More