Erased (S01E07) "Episode 7"

Young Satoru saves another soul, and closes in on the killer, in an episode that focuses on set-up (rather than delivery) of thriller-like action.

Setting their sights on Aya Nakanishi (a lonely girl from a neighboring primary school), Satoru and his pals work on befriending her.… More “Erased (S01E07) "Episode 7"”

Emerald City (S01E07) “They Came First”

Every episode I watch of this series gets better and better with every single one. I truly love this series and I as well as so many others hope there ends up being a renewal at NBC. This episode truly showed Wicked Witch of the West (Ana Ularu) compassionate side and I never in my many years of watching and reading Wizard of Oz stories imagined I would see a version of West that is compassionate but they showed it and it makes me even more of a fan of West.… More “Emerald City (S01E07) “They Came First””

The Flash (S03E07) “Killer Frost”

Holy Cow everybody, with this being director/comedian Kevin Smith directing his second episode of The Flash I expected a huge amount of bad ass and awesomeness coming from his directing especially with the phenomenal job he did with The Flash Season 2 Run Away Dinosaur, that episode was one of the biggest rated episodes of all in Season 2.… More “The Flash (S03E07) “Killer Frost””