A.P. Bio (S01E09) "Rosemary’s Boyfriend"

When Jack gets a knocked at his door, he didn’t expect to see who would be standing there. While the students are facing the life of taking care of babies that aren’t like any other babies.… More

Chicago Med (S03E09) "On Shaky Ground"

Another week, another powerful episode of Chicago Med.

The title for this episode “on shaky ground” is probably the best way to describe the episode with it’s well developed storylines and conflicts between the characters.… More

Erased (S01E09) "Episode 9"

To everyone’s surprise and joy, Satoru finally wakes up, and realizes he can’t remember anything that’s happened since February 1988.

The episode presented the expected aftermath of Satoru’s awakening – he’s told of what happened to him, needs to spend time rehabilitating his near-atrophied muscles, and is visited by his friends; but it’s done with much endearment.… More

Van Helsing (S02E09) "Wakey, Wakey"

You know with every episode we the fans get a whole lot of satisfaction, if this series does not get renewed for like hundreds of more seasons I’m pretty sure I will give up on Syfy channel shows after that because this series is the best.… More