Chicago Fire (S05E22):”My Miracle”

Wow. Just wow.

This season finale feels far from a “finale,” as Chihards (Chicago fans) prepare to wait for the next season – morning the possible deaths of a handful of 51 firemen.… More

Chicago Med (S02E19): “Ctrl Alt”

“Ctrl Alt” brought a difficult day of work for the Chicago Med staff as they tried to help patients the old fashion way – with limited to no technology.… More

Chicago Fire (S05E18): “Take A Knee”

“Take A Knee” presented a handful of interesting storylines, but a few fell short. “Take A Knee” packed so much into an hour, it was wonderful to watch but also felt much longer than an hour.… More

Chicago Justice (S01E07): “Double Helix”

pisoLast night’s episode of Chicago Justice tackled a murder of a pregnant women. Her yoga friend murdered her in an attempt to steal her baby, but when the c-section goes array, she takes home the dead baby.… More