Faking It: (S03E09) ‘Ex-Posed’

When two people get close, they share a bond like in chemistry you call it a covalent bond. But at times the bond gets weak and it breaks up but then again that’s not what real friendship looks like.… More

Faking It: (S03E07) ‘Game On’

Remember Sabrina who showed up last episode? Turns out she was part of the ‘3 Amigas’ which included Karma and Amy. 

The worst part was that Amy was friends with both but the other two don’t get along. 

We get flashbacks on how Sabrina gets rid of Karma trying to have some alone time with Amy.… More

Faking It: (S03E02) ‘Let’s Hear It For The Oy’

Shane still trying to be the good friend or selfish for not wanting to choose between them. 

Laurel surprisingly is now close to Amy and they are actually like being sisters! 

Pretty much the whole episode they had moments to make up but somehow because of a misunderstandings and they never make up.… More

Faking It: (S03E01) “It’s All Good”

Much like it’s counterpart Awkward it had the same story with all the friends meeting each other after summer. And yet again the same thing happened and we saw weird friendships happen like Shane and Karma. 

But this one was kind of hilarious due to the fact they used the jealousy to make the whole episode epic.… More

Faking It review so far.

 img 3989 - Faking It review so far.

This series took the turns, not a happy ending with many twists. But then the whole Booker and Karma thing seems to be going too long but the ending was just epic.More