Fam (S01E09) “Ocean View”

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Welcome to my weekly review of “Fam”.

“Ocean View” starts with Nick telling Clem he is going to take her to a night off, leaving Shannon alone, as Nick’s parents convinced them to do.… More

Fam (S01E08) “Jojo returns”

Hi guys! Welcome to my review of the newest episode of Fam entitled “Jojo returns”.

First of all, I must say that this girl over here thought that Jojo was Jolene, Shannon’s mother.… More

Fam (S01E06) “Pregnant Pause”

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After two weeks of pause “Fam” came back for its 6th episode. It’s called “Pregnant Pause” and let me tell you that this was by far my favorite this season!… More

Fam (S01E02) “Freddie Returns”

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After an exciting pilot, “Fam” came back with another episode called “Freddie Returns” and if there’s an expression that could sum up the entire episode that expression would be “WOW”.… More

Fam (S01E01) “Pilot”

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Everyone knows Nina Dobrev from her TVD days. Now Nina has moved on and she is currently starring on the newest CBS sitcom “Fam”.More