Screenshot 2018 05 06 20 23 57 1 300x258 - FAMILY GUY (S16E18) "HTTPete",

“It’s All About the Milennial Baby” or “How I Survived Without Internet, but not really”

The brewery, where Peter works,  has a mandatory meeting.More

Family Guy (S16E17) "Switch the Flip"

Stewart’s back like Dr. Frankenstein, Einstein and the mechanical genius of Seth Brundle #thefly…with just as much human error! #lawnmowerman

It’s “Who’s On First” “Look Who’s Talking” 1, 2, 3 & Urkle’s “Did I Say That?”  Honorable mention, #Big #FreakyFriday & #13goingon30
It’s an episode of people and technology; a bad match, as Stephen Hawking #Rest in Peace warns, but that’s another story.More

Family Guy (S16E16) "Through the Years"

Tis America’s favorite dysfunctional family, going through the decades; “remembering when” & “back in the day” Much is in black & white, because everything old & worth remembering is better in black & white, right, right?!More

Family Guy (S16E14) "Veteran Guy"

It begins at the Quahog thrift store.  The family, all of them, are shopping. It’ s a family outing. Peter wants a double deck tape player, from another century… like the 70s.More

Family Guy (S16E11) "Dog Bites Bear"

In celebration of episode 300, Family Guy showcases, “The Dog & The Baby” always worth the eye strain. #Brian #stewie

The episode  is also  peppered with the shenanigans of “Petah” in a subplot about what he eats.More