Young Sheldon (S02E11) “A Race of Superhuman and a Letter to Alf”

I’m so excited that the mighty little man is back, but firstly i’d like to say Happy New Year even though i am five days too late.Clear out Our yard 5 300x300 - Young Sheldon (S02E11)  "A Race of Superhuman and a Letter to Alf"

The episode opened with Missy (Raegan Revord) requesting that Sheldon (Iain Armitage) help her with her maths assignment, coincidentally Sheldon) was watching a movie about planet of the Apes which gave him an idea to develop a way to teach his sister and other people like her math, another experiment for Sheldon.… More “Young Sheldon (S02E11) “A Race of Superhuman and a Letter to Alf””

Suits (S08E05) “Good Mudding”

This episode deals with the topic of family as Harvey (Macht), Louis (Hoffman), Samantha (Heigl) and Alex (Hill) all struggle with making the right decisions for their loved ones.

Champions (S01E04) "My Fair Uncle"

Just as questions are being asked about how Vince and Matthew are taking care of Michael, until an unexpected guest makes his a visit.

Questioning how Vince takes care of Michael, the school has him and Matthew read Michael’s paper about his daily morning that describes his father gets to sleep with a ton of women.… More “Champions (S01E04) "My Fair Uncle"”

Life In Pieces (S03E13) "Therapy Cheating Shoes Movie"

Another week, another fun filled half hour with the Shorts.

“Therapy Cheating Shoes Movie” was another winning episode in m book with the humorist moments of Joan getting Tyler and Clementine back together to Tim getting Holly to do his driving test online and Heather tries to make Holly feel bad until Holly tells her that she told the DMV about it and Tim get’s his licence suspended.… More “Life In Pieces (S03E13) "Therapy Cheating Shoes Movie"”