Fear The Walking Dead (S04E08) “No One’s Gone”

Ok.. so that happened. We finally got answers and Im still processing this episode.
Season after season Fear The Walking Dear proved to be a great proposal, getting more interesting and bringing excellent character development.… More

Fear The Walking Dead (S04E05) “Laura”

Isnt John the sweetest?
We finally get a back story our two of the new characters, John and Naomi/Laura.
John Dorie was living a simple and quite life in a small house in front of a river, he had his routine, movie nights and boardgame nights, the sad part was he was all alone, until one day he found an injured woman on the shore in front of his house.… More

Fear The Walking Dead (S04E04) “Buried”

The day that everything changed.
Last episode we said goodbye to Nick Clark, while in this new one we learnt a little bit more about what happened to the baseball stadium and their people.… More

Fear The Walking Dead (S03E16): "Sleigh Ride"

The season finale is here!!!
What a ride we had. This last season of FearTWD is now at the same level as its matrix show The Walking Dead, for those who are still doubtful about it, give it a chance you WONT regret it.… More

Fear The Walking Dead (S03E15) "Things Bad Begun"

Two episodes, double entertainment and a AWESOME season finale.
Heads & drugs
Just another typical day in Nick’s life you know, collecting the infected heads, trading them in “El Matadaro” for drugs, nothing new.… More