The Goldbergs (S06E23) “Breakin'” (Season finale)

Barry is finally ready for his high school graduation, but still has some hours of community service to do and gets Adam to help him. Meanwhile, Erica and Geoff plan to follow the Grateful Dead all summer in a van.

Shooter (S03E13) – “Red Light”

A Heartfelt Goodbye

After 3 seasons across 3 years, Shooter has come to an end. Throughout this journey, we’ve seen soo much growth from our characters. Isaac, played by Omar Epps, became more than a dirty agent, became more than a backstabber, in the end, he became again a friend to Bob Lee and a loyal asset to the team.… More “Shooter (S03E13) – “Red Light””

Catching up on Gotham! 

Review: This season has something different, usually any series has a story that lasts a whole season. But in this season the Galavan story ends by the mid-season finale. Sure there is the part where the guy wears the same suit as the flamethrower but has some ice style thing shooting out can be a continuation. More “Catching up on Gotham! ”