Finding Carter S02E24: Atonement (Season Finale)

Finding Carter S02E24: Atonement (Season Finale) Airdate: December 15, 2015 If you haven’t watched Finding Carter’s 2 hour season finale yet, you are missing out. As we await an announcement on the decision to renew Finding Carter for a third season, we were left with burning questions and anxious cliffhangers. We learned that Crash had…

Finding Carter S02E20: The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

@finding_carter I swear if Max's dad lays ONE finger on him, IMA JUMP THRU THE TV AND BEAT HIM!!! #DontTouchMax #FindingCarter — TWD✌️PLEASE NORMAN (@Lil_reedus) December 1, 2015 Watching #FindingCarter I'm 5 episode behind!!! — ☮Dayana Castellano†‏ (@Dayana2590) December 1, 2015 "its like Katniss staying at President Snow's house" 😂 #FindingCarter — — KASE ….

Finding Carter S02E19: Never Let Me Go

   Max is flawless. But I also adore Gabe, so if Taylor starts to struggle, I won't hate her. #struggleisreal #FindingCarter — Julie (@Julie_foxy) November 18, 2015 Laury needs to leave carters life #FindingCarter — ash❣ (@Ashley_ownsx3) November 18, 2015 Jared is a creep. Nothing new there. #FindingCarter bring back Crash — Julie (@Julie_foxy) November…

Finding Carter S02E18: She’s Come Undone 

i love how #findingcarter is on demand , i could watch this show alllllll day 🙌 — mr . share a bitch (@prettylaurynn) November 11, 2015 Max's face when he sees Taylor and Gabe dancing together actually broke my fucking heart #FindingCarter — trash (@ashplacek) November 11, 2015 bird can sing her ass off #findingcarter…

Finding Carter S02E15: Rabbit, Run

    Girls….     That is little words but a lot of emotions in less than 140 characters 😂    Reputation kind of kills the show as well!