ER: 25 Years Since Pilot

It’s hard to believe that it was on this date, September 19th that television not only had changed in the medical drama but in drama in general.

The Bold Type (S02E10) “We’ll Always Have Paris”

Sad news everyone. It’s the last time I get to write about our iconic trio this year. This season came to an end and I’m right after double-watching the finale. Got to say I’m gonna miss this, sharing opinion about episodes and also I’m gonna miss the feeling, you know, cuz I’m having fun with the girls like every time I watch TBT and I kinda feel like I’m actually there with them.… More “The Bold Type (S02E10) “We’ll Always Have Paris””

Marlon (S01E09) “Appropriate Marlon”

Marlon is wanting very much for Ashley to be happy. It is sweet, in the sense that Marlon does seem to be a genuinely nice guy, helping “real deal” Ashley into the social circle that she wants.