Glitch (S03E03) “First Times”

The Risen cannot escape their fate for long. In this episode of Glitch, the past catches up to them one by one. Life is never simple.

Glitch (S03E02) “Quintessence”

In Glitch, the past always has a way of colliding with the present. New dangers present themselves, and it could be the end of it all.

Glitch (S03E01) “Mum”

Glitch is back with new Risen, claiming the life of the living. Something else is lurking in the shadows. Perhaps we will finally get answers.

Glitch (S02E04) "A Duty of Care"

With a murderer on the loose, tensions are running higher than usual within the group of the risen. James (Patrick Brammall) and William (Rodger Corser) join forces in order to seek out justice and find answers to why Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly) was targeted and who could have done such a thing.… More “Glitch (S02E04) "A Duty of Care"”

Glitch (S02E02) "Two Truths"

Things of a bizarre nature are going down in Yoorana, even more so than usual. This episode leaves you wanting more and wondering if you took a trip down the rabbit hole in the process.

Kate (Emma Booth) finally finds some sense of normalcy in the arms of Owen (Luke Arnold), that moment is quickly dashed when James (Patrick Brammell) finds the two of them in the heat of a very personal moment.… More “Glitch (S02E02) "Two Truths"”