Sleepy Hollow (S04E09) “Child’s Play”

It is a true pleasure to watch the interaction between Oona Yaffe and Thomas Mison. He is genuinely enjoying being with her and with the other cast members and it shows. The ratings situation makes a future season uncertain, and that's a pity, as this season has been a real return to the first season's feeling (Yes, I absolutely miss Abbie, but I love this season and its cast as much). The Dreyfuss story arc is extremely compelling. I am looking forward to seeing how Malcolm insinuates himself into Molly's life, when they are all aware of his evilness (except Molly). I liked the back story on the Vault, as well as Jenny being able to offer independent advice to Diana. The tight relationship continues to grow between Alex and Jake. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was the running gag about Jake not understanding they had a radio connection with Crane inside the chamber. He's not that stupid. It was an odd misstep in an otherwise strong episode. The special effects were good for the gollum and its destruction.