Grandfathered: (S01E20) “Jimmy’s 50th, Again”

This is what we have been missing. Another 50th birthday because Jimmy says ‘Robert Downey Junior manages to pull the Junior out well and still be 50’ 😂

This time around he gets thrown a birthday party unlike the last time, with his family and no celebrities or Russian models.… More

Grandfathered: (S01E19) “Some Guy I’m Seeing”

Still enjoying the company of Catherine he decides to make a gesture by bringing his houseman to prove it but unfortunately he goes rambling about you know what 😂

The kid as well has her moments and some bad parenting with her mom taking the bowl of chips rather than the beer from her it’s funny on tv but in real life it isn’t cool at all.… More

Grandfathered: (S01E16) “Gerald Fierce”

With a new story every episode adding more onto the previous one, the app is now running and well Gerald seems to be getting the girls now. 

Unfortunately being new to business he doesn’t listen much about an ex while all this time Jimmy is trying to post it using ‘hashtag ‘ rather than ‘#.’ (Talk about old school 😂)

With the boyfriend having all angry pictures, a bribe didn’t work and the boyfriend decided to come down to the restaurant to give Gerald a beating.… More

Grandfathered overall review.

This series was surprisingly awesome, who would have thought seeing someone finding out he is a grandfather after his son who he didn’t know existed shows up. 

The lessons they teach are how family comes first in a nice way, the Hollywood ending like in thanksgiving dinners etc. 

Worth a watch!