Jett (S01E01) “Daisy”

Jett kicked off it’s series premiere in classic Cinemax style. From tough guys making wisecracks to a full on penis shot ending in a bullet to the head it checked all the Cinemax boxes.

Strike Back Filming Update

Alright Strike Back fans, I know you've been waiting impatiently for news about next season. We've got some to share now!

Ballers (S01E08) “Gaslighting”

960 - Ballers (S01E08) "Gaslighting"

Review: again and again the series lacks a foundation in the sense it needs a solid story/plot. Every week we see a problem arise only to be solved and episode over. The story they have lasts a few second such as Ricky trying to win Belle back or Charles wanting to go back in and the rest is just filling up the 25+ minutes.More “Ballers (S01E08) “Gaslighting””