Van Helsing (S01E10) “Stay Away”

So I guess with a lot of the kick ass episodes that we have been getting for the last 9 episodes I guess we needed at least one episode where it would be kinda slow paced and a reliever or so we think but damn that Tom Cavanagh first he plays the awesome kick ass speedster Reverse Flash in the Flash series and now he played a evil but yet innocent looking villain on here, but I will get to that in a bit.… More “Van Helsing (S01E10) “Stay Away””

Van Helsing (S01E05) "Fear Her"

Man oh man, every episode keeps getting better and better with this series! This episode especially was amazing we were able to see the inner fighting spirit of Vanessa, we have info on what this group that Mohammad and Vanessa saved in what or who they are looking for and we heard the mention about the Resistance again.… More “Van Helsing (S01E05) "Fear Her"”

Van Helsing (S01E03) "Stay Inside"

Its so nice when we get to see a little bit of a back story of one of the vampire body guards in what he was doing before the volcanic eruption happened at Yellowstone Park in this world. I got to say every episode I watch I’m loving it more and more especially our actress Kelly Overton she is doing such a phenomenal job as Vanessa Helsing but now we shall get to the good stuff.… More “Van Helsing (S01E03) "Stay Inside"”

Van Helsing (S01E02) "Seen You"

Okay so this is the second episode of the 2 episode season premiere that happened last night! I have to say from what I’ve seen of these two episodes we can be very promised with an epic and strong cast that will deliver with major ass kicking through each episode or at least for future episodes.… More “Van Helsing (S01E02) "Seen You"”