Van Helsing (S03E10) “Outside World”

Okay guys and gals we had a fantastic episode given to us tonight! And we have quite a lot to talk about, we saw Vanessa in quite the predicament in tonight’s episode but it seems she made a decision in what path she wants to follow in to the end which we will talk all about that in tonight’s review!… More

Van Helsing(S03E02) “Super Unknown”

Alright guys and gals we once again had another great episode brought to you by Jonathan Scarfe in the director’s and actor’s seat and the series creator himself Neil Labute who wrote the episode!… More

Van Helsing (S01E11) “Last Time”

Alright each episode keeps getting better and better, this episode we finally solved the case in who was truly doing the killings when they were at the base and the reveal I have to admit shocked me but I will get to that in a bit.… More

Van Helsing (S01E10) “Stay Away”

So I guess with a lot of the kick ass episodes that we have been getting for the last 9 episodes I guess we needed at least one episode where it would be kinda slow paced and a reliever or so we think but damn that Tom Cavanagh first he plays the awesome kick ass speedster Reverse Flash in the Flash series and now he played a evil but yet innocent looking villain on here, but I will get to that in a bit.… More

Van Helsing (S01E09) “Help Out”

Okay every episode that has aired so far I have truly loved! This was no exception I truly loved this episode, the only thing that has me with a couple of theories is how the episode ends, but theres also things that we now wonder.… More

Van Helsing (S01E08) “Little Things”

Every episode has been getting a lot better every single day, I’m actually glad that this series got renewed I know I said that during last weeks review/recap but again I’m really happy that a series that I’m loving has been renewed.… More

Van Helsing (S01E07) “For Me”

This episode was an amazing episode but it leaves us with questions now as well and I’m sure with the next episode those questions will be answered!… More