HTGAWM (S02E15): “Anna Mae”

Review: Previously on HTGAWM, everyone’s a murderer! Except for Annalise, who everyone thinks is a murderer. Last week, a drunk Laurel told Annalise the truth about Lyla’s murder, both Caleb and creepy Phillip were missing, Wes found out Wallace Mahoney is his dad, Asher and Michaela banged in a club bathroom (yes, really) and Annalise showed up on her mom’s doorstep! More “HTGAWM (S02E15): “Anna Mae””

Catching up with ‘How To Get Away With Murder.’ 

Review: The season started with this random case or so we thought. Turns out it was going to be the essential part of the plot. 

The biggest achievement of the show is that it managed to twist around the whole story giving clues by clues making you believe something and the next episode making something else happen and that’s just not the end of it but connecting the whole twisty messed up story with the present. More “Catching up with ‘How To Get Away With Murder.’ ”

HTGAWM S02E05: Meet Bonnie


Lies always come out sooner or later!

Plot twists are just too much in it!