Interview with Pooya Mohseni

Pooya 300x148 - Interview with Pooya Mohseni

Iranian-American actress/writer/activist Pooya Mohseni has been through a lot to get to where she is today. Growing up during the war between Iran and Iraq, all the while coming to the realization that she was transgendered.More

Interview with Colby Ryan

Colby Ryan  300x200 - Interview with Colby Ryan

Colby Ryan has always been destined to be a performer. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania native has participated in theater since the fifth grade.More

Interview with Peter Jacobson on Colony

Love Snyder on Colony?  Find out more about the character we “love to hate” now.

Here’s a a scene from last episode of Snyder and Vincent talking about the aliens:

How did you hear about Colony?  What made you want to take the role of Snyder? 

I heard about Colony like any other audition, and taped the two pilot scenes with the casting director.… More

Our New Baby is Here!! Welcome Our First Nerk!!

“Ladies and gentlemen, puppies and kittens….your attention, please!! With much love and dedication, to you, whatever fandom you represent, we give you Nerks of the Hub!!!”

Okay, so what, exactly, **is** a Nerk?More

Interview with Hana Mae Lee

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all been well! Today I have a special treat for you guys. I was lucky enough to interview the fabulously brilliant Hana Mae Lee!More

Interview with Roxanne McKee

img 0408 - Interview with Roxanne McKee

We were so fortunate to catch with up Roxanne Mckee, currently starring on Cinemax’s Strike Back as Captain Natalie Reynolds.

 Coming off of shows like Dominion and Game of Thrones, how do you prepare for the physicality of a show like Strike Back?More