The Flash (S05E22) “Legacy”

Alright guys and gals we are here the season finale and it’s one of the best season finales! This is one of the biggest Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths episodes and we will talk about that and what it means about every person’s sacrifice in this episode and what it means for Nora’s future.… More

The Flash (S05E16) “Failure is an Orphan”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us tonight and it was a really good one! We had a weekly villain which we will talk about in this review, will Cicada take the meta-human cure?… More

The Flash(S05E12) “Memorabilia”

Alright guys and gals, we had another great episode brought to us tonight!

We saw Barry and Iris go into Nora’s memories, and we saw Nora go into Grace’s memories.… More

The Flash (S05E03) “The Death of Vibe”

This episode was another great episode my speedy readers, the episode I think today had all of us on edge thinking that someone was going to die due to the title of the episode but that ends up not being the case so don’t worry people!… More