The Blacklist (S06E03) “The Pharmacist”

It was a case of The Blacklist meeting Boston Legal on the third episode of Season 6, The Pharmacist.

For years, fans of The Blacklist have been asking for William Shatner to guest star as a Blacklister.… More

The Blacklist S5 Cover Art

On Tuesday, The Blacklist released it’s aocver art for it’s fifth season showing Megan Boone and James Spander in another chilling looking with the words Family.… More

The Blacklist: (S03E09) “The Director”

“The Director”- Airdate: Thursday, January 7, 2016
151229 2960914 the director - The Blacklist: (S03E09) "The Director"
Heading into Thursday night’s midseason return, the intent of Red and the gang remains steadfast: Clear Elizabeth Keen’s name and KEEP HER ALIVE!… More