Sleepy Hollow (S04E10) “Insatiable”

There were some delicious hat tips to various pop culture this week. Although I found Diana's focus on Dreyfuss right on the edge of abrasive, this gets handled in this episode. A feature of the episode was showing that the team was not very successful working individually, but far more successful when they worked as a team. This episode, as has been the case all season, has excellent special effects. I loved the glowing characters on the cube and the creatures who were infected by the hunger demon. While I liked the emphasis on the importance of teamwork, I thought it was a little heavy-handed and Janina Gavankar strayed very close to unpleasantly abrasive. I also did NOT like Jake making fun of Alex at the party. If anyone should be sensitive to someone making fun of other people, I think it should be him - and the writers should be aware of this. I'm surprised at how protective I feel about Alex - she was not my favorite character to be introduced this season. I thought the Donner Party tie-in was clever. I liked Jenny's interaction with both Crane and with Donnie. Tom Mison, as always, sparkles in his interactions with other actors. He also conveyed very clearly his wistfulness and loneliness. I like the quiet competence that Jenny always shows. It'll be interesting to see what Dreyfuss has in mind to capture War, and thus have the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.