IT Chapter Two (2019)

Alright guys and gals we have a really good review for all of you today. It’s a movie review to a wonderful and horrifyingly fantastic film that was first written as a book but turned into a film for its second time in film history we have IT Chapter Two.… More “IT Chapter Two (2019)”

Miss Sloane (2016)

Okay so for this film I seriously have to say I was really impressed with how this film came out to be. I was really worried at first about this film because the trailer made it seem like its one woman against the whole government but when I went to see the film it seemed to bounce but a good bounce between events that happened within present month and events that happened in months leading to present month but like I said it was a good bounce because this film actually let you know how many months they bounced back to to lead the audience to the court hearing.… More “Miss Sloane (2016)”

The Huntsman Winters War (2016)

For those of you who haven’t watched the first film Snow White and the Huntsman, go and watch it now because you will not understand a thing I say otherwise when it comes to this film the prequel & sequel to the first film, I had a privilege of attending a free movie screening on Tuesday of this week to the movie The Huntsman Winters War!… More “The Huntsman Winters War (2016)”

Crimson Peak Movie Review (2015)

When you go to see a horror movie, your hoping to be frightened am I right? Well this movie may not frighten you, but those spirits sure will freak you the hell out! Guilmero Del Toro who is famous for his Hellboy movies and for Pan’s Labyrinth, he has been working really, really, really hard to please his horror and fantasy fans again with fantastic films and if you ask me; he did just that with this film that I am reviewing today is called Crimson Peak!… More “Crimson Peak Movie Review (2015)”