Van Helsing (S02E13) "Black Days"

So, I gotta say I was not expecting what happened in this season finale to actually happen! To see what happened play out is literally making me declare this season as the best season so far!… More

Van Helsing(S02E12): "Crooked Falls"

So once again we have another amazing episode! But we also had some losses in this episode one in which made me sad, I’m starting to think that the certain character who felt loss in this episode is not meant to ever be happy again.… More

Van Helsing (S02E07) "Everything Changes"

This episode was literally a fantastic episode, but like always we are left with questions and curiosity. I’m sure we will be getting those answers soon enough like how we always do.… More

Van Helsing (S02E06) "Veritas Vincit"

With this episode we had a new character revealed and we also had some jaw dropping discoveries as well. We had a new group revealed within the vampire ranks and this one seems to have some hatred over the other vampires.… More