An Interview with Sam Daly

What can we expect from Cut Throat City?  When will we see a trailer for it? Expect to be thrilled. Expect to be moved. And expect a trailer sometime in the coming months. This one's going to be huge!

Madam Secretary: (S03E09) “Snap Back”


I’m going to start at the end because I totally saw it coming. 

Russell Jackson appears to have either passed out or suffered a heart attack at the end of the episode.More

Madam Secretary: (S03E08) “Breakout Capacity”


I definitely forgot that there was an election day episode of Madam Secretary. I think the actual results of election day helped block that memory out. 

Elizabeth’s anarchist son suddenly believes in government but is rooting for the opposing team.More

Madam Secretary: (S03E07) “Tectonic Shift”


This episode started with an adorable and then heart breaking look into Elizabeth’s past. 

We know her and her brother butt heads a lot because they’re both strong but very different personalities.More

Madam Secretary: (S03E06) “The Statement”


I knew, based on the trailer, that this episode was going to make me sad…and angry. The unjust treatment and blame that all American Muslims or rather all Muslims have to endure because a few radicals is ridiculous. 

A Story: The episode starts off with a suicide bombing in Matt’s hometown by a man who attends the same mosque as Matt’s mother; a mosque he also donated to.More

Madam Secretary: (S03E05) “The French Revolution”


This episode felt a bit anti-climactic. A lot happened that we were waiting for but it happened…quietly. I guess since this is a show about diplomacy, this is how these plot arcs should end…quietly. 

The government is hosting the French and so the episode was chalk full of jabs to the french.More

Madam Secretary: (S03E03) “South China Sea”


Like the episode title tells us, this one is all about the South China Sea and China’s continued infringement on several Asian countries’ sovereignty with their annexation of pieces of ‘land’ in the area. 

It starts with Henry still very much hung up on who is trying to attack the family.More