Manifest (S02E08) “Carry On”

The first episode of Manifest after it’s explosive mid-season finale was not one to miss and was arguably one of the best episodes of the show’s second season. After fans were left reeling from the potential death of Olive’s (Luna Blaise) new boyfriend TJ (Garrett Wareing), the two-week wait was well worth it.More “Manifest (S02E08) “Carry On””

Manifest (S01E08) “Point of No Return”

  This review contains some major spoilers for the eighth episode of Manifest entitled Point of No Return. (as well as some for all other episodes).

Manifest is ramping up all of its mysteries right before the fall finale (which is coming next week), while still letting us get to know our characters who are still getting used to all of the things happening because of the phenomenon with their returned plane.More “Manifest (S01E08) “Point of No Return””

Manifest (S01E05) “Connecting Flights”

This review contains some major spoilers for the fifth episode of Manifest entitled Connecting Flights (as well as some for the other episodes).

Fallouts and Flashbacks

This week’s episode, felt a lot like a palate cleanser even more subdued than last weeks as we get a glimpse at how those that were left behind by the passengers of flight 828 tried to move on with their lives without their loved ones.More “Manifest (S01E05) “Connecting Flights””