Chicken Girls (S05E01) “The Other Guy”

The Chicken Girls are back in their 5th web series season. 

“The other guy”   is a play on, “you should have seen the other guy”

After Rhyme was hit in the face, with a basket ball, by a star struck high school dj, “Jesse the Hawk”  her soon to be crush (yeah, you know it’s coming)  Wes, proclaims “you should have seen the other guy, when sharing their pains in the nurse’s office.More

Chicken Girls (S03E01) “Bring It On”

It’s the 3rd season and the return of  the “Birds of a Feather ” also known as “The Chicken Girls”

Premiering 1 year ago, on September 5, 2017, there are things you need to know before watching the show. 

It’s a webseries, a quasi musical and the stars are teens and tweens.  For anyone not a Milennial, familiar with or at least in the same digital game, you probably won’t care about the characters or the show.More