Arrow (S07E15) “Training Day”

Alright guys and gals we had a great episode brought to us and I also want to apologize for getting this review in a bit late, I had some important issues that delayed me like not being able to watch the episode on time cause I was out of town.… More

Arrow (S07E03) “Crossing Lines”

Okay guys so we had another great episode that was brought to us tonight and we have a bit to talk about too especially on what a certain someone did in this episode.… More

Arrow (S07E01) “Inmate 4587”

Welcome Back my readers for a season opener and boy was it a really good season opener this time around. I’m here to review today Season 7 Episode 1 of Arrow and we got a lot to discuss and some theories that I would love to throw out there too about the season!… More