Supernatural (S12E08) “Lotus”

supernatural season 12 episode 8 - Supernatural (S12E08) "Lotus"

Welcome to the mid-season finale episode you guys! Just wanted to let you know if you haven’t heard that Supernatural won’t be returning with a new episode until January 26th, 2017 at there new time at 7pm to 8pm.… More

Arrow S04E09: Dark Waters 

Review: Usually all superhero series end with happy ending, but again this is not the ending of a season and it has been like this since the beginning someone dies in the mid-season finale. More

The Flash S02E09: Running to Stand Still (Mid-Season Finale)

Review: I sense a sibling rivalry coming soon, the cops can now capture the Flash if he is stopped & Patty apparently will have this awkward moment once she finds out she confessed her secrets to her boyfriend 😂  

Apparently they like awkward moments in the show.More