Sleepy Hollow (S04E12) “Tomorrow”

That black goo was sure to play a future part in the show, and it did, resulting in the resurrection of Henry. He was convincing to the team, because he always was charming in a pretty dangerous way. But, is Henry TRULY evil, or was there some redemption? Given that he came from the black money is on his evilness. It's hard to believe there is only one episode left. A 13-episode arc, just like season one started out to be. I hope that we get a fifth season. It's interesting that we get older and younger Molly both in the same timeline. I continue to be impressed at the impression Tom Mison leaves regarding his closeness to Molly, even with the actress playing older Molly. It's very sweet.

Sleepy Hollow (S04E11) “The Way of the Gun”

Well... this episode certainly had a MAJOR plot twist. Viewers knew that Malcolm was strong. Really strong. But, it appears that the viewers might have underestimated just how strong Malcolm really is. Dreyfuss' objective is to raise the four horsemen of the apocalypse to fundamentally alter the future into one that he controls entirely. His power really alters the storyline. One lovely side aspect of this episode is Thomas Mison's flair for the theater. He is a professionally trained actor and it shows (not that the other cast members are not, but Tom's clear love for treading the boards is evident). This episode was a complete game-changer. We got to meet adult Molly. Although there were visions indicating Molly's future in prior episodes, no one was fully aware of this because young Molly couldn't readily elaborate on them. There was a lot of wittiness in this episode. It's one of the things I particularly value about Season 4 - it's clear, but subtle, breaking of the fourth wall. It's nice to see what Tom Mison is likely very capable of, and that's stage acting. He has a commanding presence. The conflict that Jenny feels about parting, but not wanting to leave the team is fascinating. I liked the nod to Jake's abilities without making fun of him for nerdiness. That gets old very quickly. I would like to see him a little less dense about how people around him feel, but he's confusing what he's seeing, and that's not unheard of. The twist of Crane becoming the Horseman of War was completely unexpected, and it wasn't even spoiled in the Twitter timeline! (That's honestly amazing). In fact, even the girl being Molly was not an obvious thing. It's probably time to discuss the continuing audience angst over killing Abbie last year, and people's outright desires to see the show fail. I'm fully aware of the anger people felt at the death of a lead POC. But, the storyline needed refreshing and there was really likely no other way to achieve this without resetting one of the Witnesses. And, basically, it wasn't going to be Crane. I felt that they were respectful, and continue to be respectful, to Abbie's character (I'm not going to address anything OFFSCREEN, because I really do not have any reliable information on that). This season, the casting was great, we still get very talented POC and everyone seems to really enjoy being with everyone else. The stories have been interesting and quirky, and at least a little thrilling. All of that is what attracted me to the show in the first place. And, the special effects, location and scenery have been superb. I see throwbacks to Len Wiseman's pilot techniques and lighting. So, I for one hope to see at least another season, and I'm very appreciative of what they've accomplished this year. It's too bad people read into what happened and have deprived themselves of an entertaining show.

Sleepy Hollow (S04E09) “Child’s Play”

It is a true pleasure to watch the interaction between Oona Yaffe and Thomas Mison. He is genuinely enjoying being with her and with the other cast members and it shows. The ratings situation makes a future season uncertain, and that's a pity, as this season has been a real return to the first season's feeling (Yes, I absolutely miss Abbie, but I love this season and its cast as much). The Dreyfuss story arc is extremely compelling. I am looking forward to seeing how Malcolm insinuates himself into Molly's life, when they are all aware of his evilness (except Molly). I liked the back story on the Vault, as well as Jenny being able to offer independent advice to Diana. The tight relationship continues to grow between Alex and Jake. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was the running gag about Jake not understanding they had a radio connection with Crane inside the chamber. He's not that stupid. It was an odd misstep in an otherwise strong episode. The special effects were good for the gollum and its destruction.

Sleepy Hollow (S04E07) “Loco Parentis”

Positives in this episode were that Molly and Crane become ever more close, and Diana realizes that she really can't assume that responsibility. The interaction between Jobe and Jenny was terrific, I suspect more to come. We learned that Dreyfuss had Jobe drawn and quartered, so at some point, there is going to be 'hell' to pay. Dreyfuss' transition to whatever he is now was pretty cool. Never trust people with absolutely black eyes. I loved the hellfire scene between Jobe and Jenny, as well as Jobe's conversion back to his normal human form. And, frankly undressed Jobe was pretty good looking. There were a couple of negatives, which is why this episode didn't get an A. It was sloppy to Diana's ex look so not-military, when he was supposed to have basically just finished a tour of duty, especially since he was supposed to be a Marine. I thought there were a few sound issues, which seem to be connected to Thomas Mison having a cold. But, at least they tried to minimize that impact. Another concern I have is the amount of time that Molly spends at home alone considering that she is 10-years-old. It's oddly juxtaposed with "arrangements" for pick-ups, etc. This is not intended to disparage working parents, and Molly is mature. Still, it sticks out and that's a bit disruptive to viewing. On the whole, those are fairly minor issues. I can't wait to see what Malcolm and Jobe come up with. Is Malcolm Dreyfuss immortal?