Pearson (S01E10) “The Fixer”

Nick (Kasssianides) decides he wants to confess to a murder. Angela (Riley) gets a surprising offer. Jessica (Torres) realizes the FBI is watching.

Pearson (S01E09) “The Rival”

Jessica (Torres) and Angela (Riley) fight for different sides of the same battle. Meanwhile, Nick (Kassianides) and Keri (Joy Lenz) re-evaluate their choices and consider steps that could change everything.

Pearson (S01E08) “The Political Wife”

Jessica (Torres) fights to get her assistant's mother out of a detention center. Meanwhile, Keri (Joy Lenz) and the mayor's wife travel together to LA and face each other's role in Novak's (Spector) life.

Pearson (S01E01) “The Alderman”

Jessica (Torres) starts her job at the Mayor's office (Spector) and stumbles upon multiple challenges. Her significant other's disapproval of her work (Woodside), the city attorney's dismay with her presence (Lenz) and the mayor's reasoning for hiring her. Pearson figures out soon enough that trying to help her estranged family won't come without compromise.

The Mist (S01E04) "Pequod"

Alright, this episode was another one of those episodes that it was fast pace but had its moments of slow but it was overall a good episode. I do have to say I’m glad we finally saw another creature of the Mist in this episode; and from what it looks like it was a soul sucker or body sucker I don’t know which but it was interesting for that creature.… More “The Mist (S01E04) "Pequod"”

The Mist (S01E02) "Withdrawal"

With this being the second episode it did a great job keeping up the suspense we all loved in the first episode. It also brought more mystery; but I gotta say I’m really liking this series and its giving us a lot more character development for each of the characters especially Eve (Alyssa Sutherland).… More “The Mist (S01E02) "Withdrawal"”