Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E01) “Honeymoon” Season Premiere

NUP 184107 0226 595 Spoiler%2BTV%2BTransparent - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S06E01) "Honeymoon" Season Premiere

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back and the season premiere doesn’t miss a beat! Here’s a recap!

Picking up right where we left in season 5 finale; Holt is about to make his good news announcement until he realizes that he was not going to get the commissioner spot.… More

Superstore (S04E03) “Toxic Workplace”

It becomes a question whether Cloud 9 is a toxic workplace plus someone decides to transfer. Here’s a recap.

When Amy and Jonah try to keep relationship hidden from their co-workers, Kelly has informed Glenn that she wants to transfer to another store.… More

Superstore (S04E01) “Back to School” Season Premiere

NUP 183937 0001 FULL 300x169 - Superstore (S04E01) "Back to School" Season Premiere

After a shocking moment in last season’s finale,  Amy wants to answer everyone’s questions once and for all.

As the store opens for “Back to School” sales, Amy and Jonah deal with the fact that they had sex in front of the world.… More

Superstore Season 3 Recap

We’re just a week away til the season four premiere of Superstore. Here’s a  recap of Season 3.

After dealing with a tornado aftermath, the store was rebuild.… More