Westworld: “Vanishing Point” (S02E09)


This stain…

Ed Harris’ sadistic villain has been one of the most compelling characters on Westworld. Responsible for some of the most heinous acts on the show, Will has been self reflective this season.… More

Westworld: “Kiksuya” (S02E08)



“Kiksuya” was one of the most powerful episodes of Westworld’s second season…possibly the series. Beautiful cinematography, lyrical writing, and powerful performances came together perfectly to completely destroy our hearts while also answering a few long time questions.… More

Riverdale (S02E18) "A Night to Remember"

Musical episodes in shows have always been somewhat cringy but the incorporation of an actual musical to this episode was a smart move to make as it stitched together an amazing episode.… More

The Alienist (S01E09) “Requiem”

Okay folks, we have reached the penultimate episode of the series. This is important, because as anyone who has read my other reviews will know, I love the word ‘penultimate.’ I don’t have a lot of opportunities to use it, so when I do, I make the most of it.… More

The Alienist (S01E07) “Many Sainted Men”

I think the title of this week’s episode is intended to be irony. Well, intended or not, it IS ironic. With the possible exception of Moore, the entire episode is about men being less than saint-like.… More

Burden of Truth (S01E01) "Wake Up Call"

Circumstances force Joanna to return to her hometown to represent a client of hers which goes against her father’s wishes as we see him try as hard as he can to convince her not to.… More