Great News Season 2

After a really good and impressive first season, the second season Great News clobbered and made it one of the best new series on network television.

Considered that this is the second season of the series, it’s still fresh off from it’s first season with great storylines for the characters to really expand.… More “Great News Season 2”

Great News (S01Ep09/10) “Carol Has a Bully”/”Carol’s Eleven” Season Finale

In the hour long season finale of Great News, Greg’s grandmother makes her fierce appearance to the The Breakdown and Katie breaks the biggest story of the year.

“Carol Has a Bully”

When Greg announces that his grandmother is coming, he not only fears her but warns everyone of her as she is the boss of the MMN.… More “Great News (S01Ep09/10) “Carol Has a Bully”/”Carol’s Eleven” Season Finale”