Better Things (S02E09) “White Rock”

Earlier in the season, Sam got a getaway with some of her friends, but had a glimpse of what a getaway would look like if it if she’d had that same time out with her daughters.  Never mind that the girls- Frankie and Max at least- give Sam grief most of the time, but it was a glimpse of what time out of the house and relaxing could look like if it had been with the girls.  We kind of get that here with Sam and the girls visiting Uncle Lester and Aunt Jarita.… More

Better Things (S02E07) “Blackout”

The answer is no.
It’s interesting how, despite the stumbles in Sam’s life, she’s tried to get herself on the right track.  Much of that has involved not making the same mistakes of her past.  That’s not necessarily progression or improvement, but it is a sign that she’s learning from her past actions.… More

Better Things (S02E06) “Eulogy”

There comes a point when the lines between fiction and reality blur.  What could be an actor giving a great performance could mirror something going on in real life.  Now I’m not talking about a television show or film pulling or adapting a ‘ripped from the headlines’ scenario, like any episode of Law and Order.  But when the show feels like it has shades of the actor’s personal life, it feels like a more intimate and personable viewing.… More