The Flash (S05E22) “Legacy”

Alright guys and gals we are here the season finale and it’s one of the best season finales! This is one of the biggest Post-Crisis on Infinite Earths episodes and we will talk about that and what it means about every person’s sacrifice in this episode and what it means for Nora’s future.… More

Arrow(S07E13) “Star City Slayer”

Alright guys and gals we had a fantastic episode brought to us tonight! And it was a good one, we found out who has been giving most of Team Arrow notes ever since the beginning of the second half of the season, we saw more flash forward scenes, and we got more to cover!… More

The Flash(S05E12) “Memorabilia”

Alright guys and gals, we had another great episode brought to us tonight!

We saw Barry and Iris go into Nora’s memories, and we saw Nora go into Grace’s memories.… More

Supergirl (S03E08) "Crisis on Earth-X part 1"

Alright guys we made it to the big night event! The big crossover we have been hearing all about ever since January of this year that the producers promised us fans that everything would be bigger and better than last years crossover.… More

The Flash (S04E02) "Mixed Signals"

This episode is an improvement, like literally an improvement from other episodes. This episode could literally be counted as the best comical episode ever!… More