Pitch: (S01E01) "Pilot"

“Ginny Baker takes the field” I can honestly say I cringed when I heard this. I was so nervous, scared, hopeful, curious, too many emotions to describe how I felt about Ginny Baker played by the very talented and gorgeous (Kylie Bunbury) taking the field, after the first time was a complete disaster.More “Pitch: (S01E01) "Pilot"”

Containment: (S01E01) ‘Pilot’

We have all been waiting for this one show which Julie Plec was going to make but it had nothing to do with vampires, werewolves & witches. 

Exciting, intriguing, captivating are a few words you can use to describe this episode especially when you got to see dead vampires and witches show up on the show. … More “Containment: (S01E01) ‘Pilot’”

Just Jillian

Air Date January 19th 2016

REVIEW: Who hasn’t heard the name Jillian Michaels?  I’m guessing not many. She rose to fame while being on the show The Biggest Loser, as a personal trainer.… More “Just Jillian”

Beowulf S01E01: Pilot

This series has a mixture of Vikings and a little bit of fantasy some say like Lord of the Rings. 

Basically a guy looses his dad, but he isn’t the dad which we find out later. Now the whole idea of it is introducing him into the story back showing how he was here and his rivalry with his step-brother. More “Beowulf S01E01: Pilot”

Superstore S01E01: Pilot 

Review: This series started of stale with kind of lame jokes and trying to hard to entertain kind of way. 

But as I watched it the jokes started to become funny, but it needs some improvement like the timing of the events such as the price thing suddenly it turns to the cart race.More “Superstore S01E01: Pilot ”